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Read the dialog and answer questions 3 and 4. May I speak to Bram, please? hearing the message? Meet Marlon as soon as possible. Call Marlon as soon as possible. Go home as soon as possible. Read the text and answer questions 7 to We had a three-day camp in Tawangmangu resort last week.

The location was on the slope of Mount Lawu.


There was a river with clear water not far from our camp site. We brought cooking and eating utensils. We also had food supply. There were noodles, eggs, fish, some canned food, mineral water and soal essays bahasa inggris kelas 6 semester 2.

On the first day, we set up the tents and cooked food for our lunch. After taking a rest for a while, we walked around to see the surrounding area. The scenery was very beautiful. The weather was cold all day long so we had to wear thick jackets.

We inhaled fresh air which we hardly got in town.

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argumentative essay setup all were very happy. In the evening, we had dinner together. We had hot lemon tea and boiled noodles. After that, we made a camp fire. We played guitar and sang songs together. We did enjoy our good time that night.

At the second day, we went tracking until 11 a. After having lunch and taking a rest, we had competitions, such as tug-of-war, futsal and a guessing game. My team was a runner up in the tug-of-war and the champ in the guessing game. Unfortunately, my team lost in the futsal. Then, in the evening, we performed some dramas.

  • Maklumlah dunia bukanlah surga, tetapi juga bukan neraka.
  • Akhlak kepada diri sendiri di antaranya introspeksi diri, berbaik sangka, ikhtiar, dan selalu berbuat yang terbaik.
  • Kutipan Novel Terjemahan Makan bersama di pondok setelah pemakaman itu sangat mengesankan.
  • Preying on them are lions and leopards.
  • Hasil karya Muhammad Fudoli sering diterbitkan di majalah Horison.
  • Kumpulan cerpen Lukisan Kaligrafi diterbitkan oleh penerbit Kompas.
  • Does Puti go jogging?
  • Namun menceritakan ini terasa memilukan.

On the third day, we packed our stuff and went home. We planned to have another camp activity at the end of this semester.

Mengenal Apa itu PAI (Pendidikan Agama Islam)?

When did the campers have a camp fire? On the first day. On the second day. On the third day. On the last day.